Purple Heart Digital Nature Trail Construction Day

Today on President’s Day 2017 we had a fantastic turnout and great weather (sunny and near 60 deg) for the installation and construction of the kiosk and digital nature trail posts at the Purple Heart trail.  This is a project where the Jackson Pathfinders are partnering with the Jackson Environmental Commission via funding by an ANJEC grant for the construction of an interpretive trail at the Bunker Hill Bogs in Jackson.  We expect to complete the project in the next 2 months.

Special thanks to the following:

  • Troop 152 who showed up with enthusiasm and helped with lugging of some equipment and supplies, trail trimming and for doing some long overdue bulk trash cleanup in the East Cranberry Bog
  • Earle Tree Service for donating some time and equipment for the main construction of the kiosk and digging of holes
  • Ocean County Votech of Brick for building of roof structure of the kiosk
  • Jackson Pathfinders and Jackson Environmental Commision for envisioning the project and helping during construction
  • ANJEC for the main funding of the project via the Open Space Stewardship Funding grant