Trails located in Jackson

The following are Google maps of trails located in Jackson Township, New Jersey.  They were mapped by the Pathfinders over the last few years (with the exception of the trails located at the FREC where you can find a PDF by following the link).  It is not a comprehensive list as we still have a few more we’d like to map, and some trails are in progress of being formed.  Most are maintained by either the Pathfinders or the State.  As you enjoy them, please respect them and the environment.

Trails and parking lots are open dawn to dusk.  Hunting is prohibited on all Jackson Township property trails.  ATVs and off-road motorcycles are prohibited.  Horseback riding is allowed but requires a valid NJ permit. Bicycling and fishing is permitted (in accordance with NJ Department of Fish & Wildlife).  Dogs are allowed but must be on a leash.

We encourage you to enjoy all of them and carry out your personal trash.

Please use the following larger map of Jackson Township to get a rough idea of where each trail is located.

  1. Trails at the FREC (located at 496 Don Connor Blvd).  We are in the process of GPS mapping and generating Google Maps for these.