FREC Trails

The NJ Forest Resource Education Center (FREC) is located at 495 Don Connor Blvd in Jackson Township and partners with the Jackson Pathfinders during various community events and projects. Trails at this location are on State property and are not maintained by the Jackson Pathfinders.

Map of FREC trails

The FREC maintains over eight miles of trails which feature numerous learning stations with informational kiosks on environmental topics. Some kiosks have “talking trees.” At these kiosks, the visitor can push a button and hear more about the featured topic. Bikes and horses are only permitted on sand roads and trails. ATVs are prohibited.

Self-Guided Trails
Learn about environmental topics on one of the FREC’s self-guided trails. A visitor, with the trail booklet as a guide, can stop at stations along the trail to look at features and identify plants and trees. ABC Arboretum, Sensory Awareness and Forest Discovery trail guide booklets are available at the interpretive center.