Purple Heart Trail

The Purple Heart Trail entrance and main parking lot is located near intersection of Whitesville Road and East Veterans Hwy.  This trail is located on the property known as Bunker Hill Bogs and showcases many former working cranberry bogs that Jackson once was home to.  It’s a popular place to fish, hike, bike, bird watch or just relax at.


The trail now boasts a self-guided digital nature walk and an informational kiosk located about midway into the trail at the “Tee Junction.” This project was funded through a 2016 ANJEC grant  to the Jackson Environmental Commission with the Jackson Pathfinders as a partner.  Jackson Department of Public Works, Ocean County Vocational Technical School Brick Center, and others helped with the project.  The digital nature walk provides interpretive signs for trail users to learn more about the natural resources and wildlife in Bunker Hill Bogs.  The informational kiosk will help to orient you while you are hiking as well as provide some additional details about the Jackson Environmental Commission and the Jackson Pathfinders.